Easiest Way to Customize Thesis Theme

by Sandeep on August 2, 2011

Thesis is one of best framework’s available for WordPress. If you are new to Thesis Framework, You might have some confusion about Hooks and Filters. If you are unfamiliar with Hooks and Filters. If you do something wrong in custom_functions.php you need to update manually by downloading it from FTP. So to avoid all these headaches, All you can do is using a Plugin called Thesis OpenHook. Thesis OpenHook is developed by Rick Beckman.

Thesis Theme

This plugin allows you to add arbitrary content into the many hooks that the Thesis Theme Framework provides and you don’t need to edit any file. To install this plugin Just Go to Plugins > Add New and search for “Thesis OpenHook” after installation, Activate the plugin. Now Expand Appearance tab, You can see Thesis OpenHook.

How Thesis OpenHook allows you to Customize Thesis easily?

Question: If you need to insert an advertisement before the starting of Post Content.

#1. Open Thesis OpenHook, Search for Before Post. Because here you need to insert advertisement between the Post Title and Post Body.
#2. If you need it only in the Post Page, you need to include a PHP tag: . That tag defines that the Element should be shown only on the post page.
#3. Insert your Ad Code below that PHP tag and close IF condition.

Your Code should look something like this:

<?php if (is_single()) { ?>
Your Ad Code here
<?php } ?>

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